Exige TV Review

Well, after many months trawling the likes of YouTube and GoogleVideo I think I�ve pretty much exhausted whatever the internet has to give Exige video-wise, but the thing is, I�ve never come across an original S1 Exige review, you know from the likes of Top gear or Fifth gear�

I don�t suppose someone might know where I�d able to find one, of if there are actually any around�

I seem to remember this topic coming up a while ago, but I can�t seem to find it, so sorry about the re-post.

Any help or ideas would be much appreciated .


Not the S1 review, but the S2 review (against the Apache Gunship) is often on the many TG reruns on UK Gold.

David have a look through this thread, non of the links work but a PM to a few people might turn something up.


If you find it post the link i would like to see it again.

Remember seeing Richard Hammond doing a review on men and motors a few years ago, can’t re-call what the programme was called tho!.


I have a copy of Tiff reviewing the S1 Exige on Top Gear, thought I would hang on to as it features my old car.

Currently trying to upload it to YouTube but its not letting me at moment.


I�ve PM�d you with my E-mail, so if you don�t have any luck, if you send it to me, I�d be happy to post it up .


Tiff slags it off a bit, tells people to buy an Elise instead and save their money…Muppet.

Here you go:

Cheers .


Great photography, shame about Tiffs misconceptions!

Seem to recall that Jason Plato did an S1 review - not sure if that was under the 5th Gear banner or not though.