Exige T25 project

As many of you know I have had a few project cars over the years, The yellow ElisEleven being the last.
Well after 3 months of searching for a particular car, Yesterday was viewing day!!!
John and I set off at 6.00am for our journey down sarf.
Arriving at 10.30 we where greeted with a truly immaculate LHD Exige 430 Cuo T25 in Motorsport Green.
Its a Jan 2019 car but had travelled a massive 262 kms (162 mils Aprox) under its own power in 3.5 years. But has done many more as freight!!
Its actually a car from Qatar but was ‘imported’ 18 montha ago by its original and only previous owner.
So what are the plans for this one?
As many of you know we are a Komo-Tec dealer and we wanted a car to add a few tasty bits too
Tasty being
Start with the EX475 Kit
Take it to Germany where we will install an IDS gearbox (DGS by VW adapted by KT), As part of the gearbox install the car will gain a new engine ECU to allow communication with the VW gearbox ECU.
This allows more tweakage that can be achieved with the Lotus ECU so adding forged pistons and steel rods means we can turn the ‘wick’ up a little :crazy: :crazy:
This was why a super low mileage cars was ideal, we have a virtually new engine to add piston and rods too, so no rebores etc etc etc
More pictures etc etc once the car is here in Yorkshire

Very nice Dave, look forward to seeing things unfold.

Awesome Dave, good work tracking that down and sealing the deal!


Shall be watching this with interest and a wallet firmly shut. :slight_smile:

What does ‘no CoC’ mean and how does that effect your plans for it’s use?

Ah, so it has been IVA’d. :sunglasses:

Its a very attractive exige.

You still have the lovely 311 ?

Hi Pierre
Yes IVA’d but so are the 3Elevens!!!
Yes still have mine 4 years old and second mot in may!!

Looking forward to following this one . . . great work finding it

T25 Exige is stunning. Looking forward to your updates Dave :thumbup:

Looks like a busy time was had. I really would like to see this car on the road and track! I bet it goes like stink!

I assume the box doesnt just mate up and that a bell housing adapter is required?