Does anyone know of anyone manufacturing just the air splitter part to bolt onto an existing detachable lower spoiler section ?

I am aware of the complete exige motorsport lip that visually sits the car lower but I am just interested in a horizontally mounted flat splitter that some poeple were sporting at the Donny day recently !!

Any info will be appreciated…

Contact Martin & Steve Edwards @ www.lotuspower.co.uk

Maddog has a variety of splitters available


Pegbox - did you manage to purchase one of these types of splitter ? If so, can you tell where you bought it from and if it was ok to fit, price, etc ? I have emailed the lotuspower guys but I think they are either mega busy or arent receiving my emails.


Count me in , another taker here. How much are they?

Pegbox, DSE & Mitch.

You all have info on PM.

Cheers Steve (Lotuspower.co.uk)

thanks for the reply steve, you have a PM.

Thanx for the PM…
You have mail…