“Exige” sill plates

Hello all - hope everyone has had a good holiday break.

A quick question does anyone know if these specific exige sill plates are still available to buy anywhere?

In advance thank you

Speak to Dan at Divine Handcraft, he should be able to sort you out. Lotus Elise/Exige S1 sill protector kits – Divine Handcraft

Thanks I’m interested in those specific protectors rather than a film. Much appreciate the reply :+1:

Still might be worth chatting to Dan. :question:

I’ll give him a call :+1:

If they’re flat, I would think an engraving laminate would be the way to go, if the thickness is okay (around 1.5mm).

Anodised aluminium is going to be prone to scratches. At least with a laminate there’s far less chance of going through to the base layer.

Alternatively a thick vinyl with the logo applied could also look good and be scratch resistant too.