Exige seats...

Hello all!I wish to ask about the seats in a Exige.I own a 2000 111S, and I am replacing the exsisting seats with a set of Exige seats, harnesses and harness bar.I understand that the Harness bar will fit in my car no problem, as will the harnesses. I need to know if the seats themselves will mount on my exsisting drivers seat rails, and the exsisting passenger mounting holes, or do I need to get a different set of rails? Also, I have a LHD, and the seats are comming from a RHD, is there a difference between the LHD/RHD rails?Also, are the seats at least if not more comfortable then the 111S seats? Thank you for your time,James HochmuthMillenium Edition 111S

I don’t know if they’ll fit, but don’t expect them to be comfortable!No lumbar support, make you sit hunched up, but they do make you stay in place round corners!

I recon there more comfortable than the original Elise Leather seats - more padding and more support - although no lumber support. Don’t you get a new set of rails with the new seats? - I think you’ll find that there are two sets of holes in the floor so you should be able to make them fit - Be very careful when bolting the seats back down, it’s very easy to strip the tread in the soft aluminium floor pan.[This message has been edited by Guy (edited 25 May 2001).]

Hello all, Ok, the rails may or may not come with the seats, I am buying them second hand. My 111S seats has an adjustable lumbar support, and leather work is cheap in Italy, so I am guessing that I can have it swapped from one seat to the other. I really just don’t feel right with a normal belt in my car, woudl feel worlds better with a four point, and the seats are a good price. Thanks for the advice on the chassis threads. Has anyone else had expierience switching seats?James HochmuthMillennium Edition 111S