Exige S3 Sport 350 running problem intermittent

Took my Exige out yesterday knew the car was low on fuel from last trip out so straight to garage for fuel.

After about a mile noticed the car didnt feel the same power similar to my 0.9 litre Dacia Logan ! . when upto temperature i gave it a little more spirited driving off the next roundabout and noticed the car took an age in second to accelerate upto even 40mph . No warning lights on dash and car is running at correct temp.

As such, abandoned my trip to the gym and headed for the nearest 70mph dual carriageway, attempted to put my foot down in 3rd and the car hesitated at 3500-4000 revs follwed by the rev limiter cutting in at this stage all 3 red gear shift lights coming on left to right from 3500 revs, weird I am thinking at this stage , still no warning lights but clearly the car feels like its in some sort of limp mode.

Parked the car up , spoke to Lotus customer services who I dont think seen this issue before but advised I get it to nearest dealer for diagnostics, however they stated unsure what will flag up as no warning lights on.

I then spoke to nearest dealer who advised I go to a different garage and fill tank. I normally only 1/3-1/2 fill unless long journey planned. Jumped in car set off for garage and it became apparent that it appeared back to normal, pulling revs and seemed happy touring and sport mode. I still went to garage put another £30 in the car and yet again it drove away fine !

Any thoughts on this folks ? dodgy fuel ? has the S3 got a limp mode feature ? was this linked to low fuel ?

Car is 66 plate , 3,600 miles covered , thanks

I had a similar issue with my Evora S a couple of years ago. It may have been a faulty coil pack, but I am not certain. The dealer was able to sort it quickly under warranty and no issues since.

Being a warranty item, I don’t have any paperwork to confirm what the fault was.

Thanks was the fault constant or intermittent ?

A friend had exactly the same problem at a recent trackday after accidentally trying to start the car in gear. The fault cleared after coming back in from track, turning off engine(and removing key) then restarting, car was fine all day after that.

Intermittent initially, but became more frequent. When faulty the car took an age to get to 50mph, totally gutless!

Sounds like it went into VHPD mode :smiley:

Someone was gonna say it…

Petrol has been very inconsistent for about 10 years now, ethanol content is largely to blame , something to do with the bloomin EU.
Caused lots of problems in light aircraft too as ethanol supports microbial growth and attacks rubber hoses and seals.

Its been ok since , so I am hoping just fuel related !

V power from now on me thinkshttp://www.exiges.com/bb/posting.php?mode=edit&f=17&p=231216#