Exige S2 with added supercharger

I have done a thing today.

I opened the garage and started the car.

Fair to say the oil was cold.

Hey, at least yours starts… :joy: Still waiting to see what was wrong with mine!

Found 30 minutes in between doing the house up to clean the old bus.

Hoping to get this ARB fitted and now starting to look again into sequential. This idea won’t go away

VOE DONT! it will ALWAYS need tweaks and adjustments.
MUST be controlled by the ECU. Great on track, shite on the road

I have the ecu to support.

I am tracking the car more and more.

The naughty idea don’t go away Dave :frowning:

I have been desperately trying to find time to get my front clam off the car after my house move. I have two dense concrete blocks with carpet adorned for support but I have torn ligaments in my knee on the lateral and medial playing football so progress has stopped.

Under medical reasons I guess the change to a sequential for flat shifts is now justified. Snag being I can’t change the box over , or drive it anywhere


Using the super new checkbox of win system (c) Exiges 2023 I shall develop a list and keep it updated of jobs to do :slight_smile:

Change factory fitted ARB over.
investigate auto blippers vs changing to DBW
investigate the need for a dry sump / uprated oil pump or standard for a sequential
go sequential
develop some basic aero
knee has stopped play at the minute

I started the car up when it was Baltic in the garage a few weeks back.

It cut out a few times and stalled. I wanted to remedy this and eliminate the cold start issue.

Cue tonight where I plugged in my laptop, put on a hoodie and visited the artic tundra ( garage )

In true mighty car mod style I paged up on a few settings on the laptop and started the car.

Actual footage here from the garage

Video Games No GIF by HyperX

Aaaaaaaand …

It died.


Few more page ups and a more aggressive curve to reduce the revs when warm and voila. Working

I’ll await another really cold day and test again. Funny thing with cold starts is they are not exactly cold after a few goes!