Exige S2 Upgrade + Reverie

Hi - I’m about to embark on the usual upgrade path for S2’s…Pagid RES14s, Dot5 brake fluid, induction kit.

I’m going to wait a couple of months to see what happens on the exhaust front - seems to be a few in the works.

Can anyone explain the deal with the Reverie 230CX induction kits ? I’m not sure the difference between the 230CX and the 230C, or whether the “ram-air side scoop intake” makes any difference or larger "side scoops� are worth getting (or cool looking ).

I’ve e-mailed and called Reverie but haven�t had any response � anyone with experience of this kit ?

Secondly what�s the opinion on braided hoses on the S2 ? Seems to be a huge job to get them fitted (front comes off) and I�m not convinced that they are going to be worth the investment.


Don’t know about the S2, but in any car I would stay clear off the DOT 5
You want either DOT 4 or 5.1, both of these are compatible and DOT 5 is the only Silicon based.

Do a search in this site, it has been covered many times, but basically the DOT 5 will never give you a firm pedal, could attack the seals in your system and when moisture gets in, it will stay in the lower part and corrode any metal nearby.

Good for trucks and tractors though.

Braided hoses: a must IMO.
The first thing I did, at the 1000 mile service, as I can’t stand a mushy pedal.


If you do a search on Reverie you will see that I had the induction kit installed on my S2, as well as a bunch of other carbon bits.

I installed the CX, the intake, and the side scoops. The car has slightly better throttle response, appears a bit quicker, and sounds amazing.

They are normally very responsive, in fact they installed my setup for me. Seems strange that you have not heard from them.

If you are in and around London we could meet up and you could see the complete kit in person.



Thanks Robert - I’ve still not heard anything from Reverie, shame but Plans Motorsport sorted me out and answered my questions - am having the kit installed next week.

Do you have any photos of your car with the larger side pods ? I like the idea of them, just slightly concerned they might be a bit too big - photos on the reverie site don’t really show them off too well.


I had posted a bunch of photos, but recently made changed to my website and pulled them off.

The side pods are not much bigger. They look correct on the car. I decided to go with the whole system with the notion that it was a complete system, from the exterior all the way through. I also like that the side pods are a subtle indication of the hidden (at least until the car starts) alteration.

So far after 600 miles i have had no problems with the setup, and really enjoy the extra sound and boost.

If you send me an email address in a PM I will send you pics of the pods.

Have fun,


thanks Robert - PM’d