Exige S2 Slick Recommendation

Hi Guys;

New member here, hope everyone is doing great :slight_smile:

I’m looking for a set of slicks for my time attack S2. It’s still road legal (so ~900KG) but has ~400 RWHP and a pretty decent aero setup.

I race in southern Italy, so on warm abrasive surfaces. I’d like them to last 2 events if possible.

Ideally I’d go for Michelin or Pirelli’s, but have hit a brick wall when it comes to the fronts. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Thanks in advance!


Phew! Sounds a bit of a monster. Sadly I can’t help but keep posting. Some pics would be good👍

Dohh, where are my manners…

Excuse the filthy interior shot, this was taken in the workshop:

Dyno run (road calibration, we haven’t gotten around to the track one yet, hopefully will have it sorted when I’m back home for Xmas):


The full spec is:

Charged Cooled TVS Super Charger, Direct Port Methanol Injection, Custom Syvecs ECU with Custom Loom & and ancillary sensors with 12 position on the fly map selector, Mahle Forged pistons, Carillo ultralight rods, Ferrea titanium Valves/springs/retainers, MWR Stage 3 Camshafts, Darton sleeves, Balanced crank/rods/pistons/flywheel, uprated oil pump gear + pickup pipe, fully blueprinted engine, Kaaz close ratio gear kit, uprated Syncro, selector forks, 4.3 final drive, 60l endurance race tank, 255lph walbro fuel pump, Roll over valve, fuel pressure sensor + braided fuel lines, Uprated front oil coolers and braided pipes, LSD, Nitrons, Clam Hinge, Quick release Front Clam, Custom titanium 2ubular Manifold, 2ubular Titanium Skinned Back Box, ACT 3 paddle Clutch, MWR ultralight flywheel, Volk Rays TE37s, AP 4 Pots + 308mm Alloy Belled Discs & CL pads on front, Front Callipers Moved to rear, lightweight clams, APR Carbon Wing, APR carbon Canards, Adjustable Roll Bar, Triple Pass Pro-Alloy Rad, Uprated A/C system, Stainless Steel braided lines, Carbon Everything, AIM data logger.

Pending items include:

  • Carbon roof

  • Carbon engine cover

  • Tillet seats

  • Improved rear clam removal. It currently has a clam hinge, however I’d like to have a system that allows me to just lift it off similar to my front clam

Good lord in heaven above!!! That thing looks a bit saucy! :astonished:

Possibly the least interesting question you’ll get, but can I ask where you got your dashboard top from? I like the quilted pattern and mine is looking like it’s failing…

It was custom made with matching door panels. Yellow diamond stitch on alcantara.

The rest was molded from the OEM parts and reproduced in carbon.

Allon White can do duvet trim panels, see their s1 Elise.

Apparently Dunelm do some nice duvet sets too…but being a strictly sheets-and-blankets man, what would I know?

Pirelli do them, you’ll only find a medium hard/hard though.

Problem you may encounter is your abs system. It’s tuned for road tyres not slicks and will want to intervene when the slicks still have more braking to give.

You’d be better off going with a soft semi slick. Think it is Kumho v5 that have a range of different compounds to choose from.

Interesting, how’s that? I assumed ABS worked on looking out for wheel speed anomalies across the four corners so if they’re all slowing down at the same rate, ABS won’t intervene. Or does the ‘rate’ have a ceiling on a road-going ABS system which the bonkers grip of the slicks exceeds?

Thanks for the lead. Will checkout the Kumhos. Also came across Yohohamas, not sure if there’s any feedback on them.

My ABS disconnected already as it was interfering with threshold breaking. The climate here is good enough that the car has never seen rain, so it’s pretty much redundant.

I ran Yokohamas when trying to find a good replacement for when Dunlop stopped making a suitable sized 16"

A005 Slicks
190/580 R16 Fronts in Hard N2455 and Medium N2454 compounds
230/610 R17 Rears in Hard N2795 and Medium N2794 compounds

A006 Wets
Same sizes as above, both N2456 Fronts and N2337 Rears as a hard compound only.

The medium slicks suited my S1 better but the fronts could really do with being softer still but the N005 soft compound is unfortunately no longer available.
Longevitywise you’ll get in the region of maybe 4-6 heat cycles with performance drop off until they stabilise to an average grip level. The wets were similar.

I also tried Avon in similar sizes using their what was once the British GT A708 compound. Weirdly about 2kg per tyre heavier than anything else I’ve used and heat cycled less well than the Yokos. I suspect there’s far more suitable compounds available but could turn into an expensive experiment!

As Gav mentioned there’s some decent trackday tyres available, but suitable wets could still be a an issue.

Very informative, thank you, that was much appreciated.

I’m not too fussed about wets, as we simply move the race to the next weekend when it rains here :slight_smile:

Avon have offered to produce a custom set of slicks for me which sounds appealing, but have a minimum order quantity of 5 sets, which I’m not keen on as half of them will probably end up sitting in my workshop degrading for a year or so… I’m not sure what their shelf life is (assuming they’re wrapped in film and stored correctly)?

As long as you keep them at a stable (above freezing, below 20deg) temperature, dry away from any UV lights they can store for several years. Unused tyres also seem to deteriorate slower than used. Tyre bags are a good solution.

Hmm… summer can see us hit 38-40c, although it’ll probably be closer to 33-35 in the garage. Will mull it over though.