Exige S2 - Reverie Induction

Hi all,

Well, I cannot make the Croft trackday, but, I have this week completed my first mods to the Exige. So here is a little report. This may be of value to S2 owners only, but I think it’s still pretty cool.

After much hemming and hawing I decided to go ahead and get an induction kit. I also decided to replace a bunch of the plastic bits with carbon fiber. After much research I went with the Reverie Daytona induction kit, including side pods in carbon, and duct inlet in carbon. I ordered direct from Reverie and ten minutes later got an email from Simon of Reverie offering to do the install at their Marks Tey shop. The Exige spent a couple of days there, they installed all the bits, and tried out some new seat designs while they were at it. I’ve now put another 250 miles on the car, mostly this morning in Wiltshire, and here is what I think:

  1. The sound at all revs is much, much deeper and more meaningful.
  2. The sound on the upper cam is unreal, no really it is. Like a jet taking off, or an F1 car, or some crazy device for making your ears sting.
  3. Throttle response is improved throughout the range. Especially below 6k. The car has a real immediacy to it. Now the response of the accelerator matches the feel of the steering.
  4. The sound of air being sucked into the side of the car is very addictive.
  5. It seemed to take a couple of hundred miles for the ECU to adapt to the new air supply.
  6. And lastly, Reverie seems a great company making a great product.

I now have the induction kit with the Lotus Stage 1 exhaust, and the combo is great. During my drive through the rolling hills of Wiltshire today I never once felt like I needed any more out of the engine than I was getting, and that is wonderful.

Some pics:
S2 + Reverie


Sweeeeeet! Looks good.

Does your son like the bits too?


Well, since he had wanted me to hold out for the 240r, he thinks it’s a step in the right direction anyway!

To be honest the speed and sound scare him a bit. He wears ear muffs when we go out.

Take care,


Looks superb Does Reverie have a website with an indication of prices etc?

Hi John

Yes, Reverie has their own website: Reverie Lotus S2 Online Shop

Their products are also available through Elise-Shop, Hanger111, and Redline. (Now I’ll take off my endorser hat…)


Flippin heck!!! That carbon fibre stuff is mega expensive, I think I could just about run to the gear knob

have you started giving the accelerator that addictive quick/sharp stomp and release just to hear the filter go guuhhhlllp!

yea there’s that little problem…

just don’t tell my wife, she would freak…

yes I certainly have!

The best part as far as I’m concerned is the immediacy of the throttle; squeeze the accelerator, and the power is right there.