exige s2 oil sump

hi has anyone fitted either a Moroso oil pan(from hanger 111) which helps the lotus s2 against oil starvation ?or the Lotus sport Accusump both are for the Toyota engine. looking to fit one for this seasions track days. so any information would be of great help to me thanks bob

I had a baffle fitted to my Exige by Bemani and did its job.
But LMS claim that only the accusump will give you full protection.
Make sure they have the lastest pans as the early design was not good!
I would do a search on ET for more info

I’m having them them both fitted in March if that helps
What kind of information you are after? Forcedfed seem to think they are REQUIRED for anyone who can drive the car to the limit. But then again they are trying to sell stuff. They have now gone as far as creating a dry sump solution as a seriously modified car will pull high G’s for extended periods at certain tracks and the accusump reserve is insufficient.