Exige S2 modified Fuel Unit for big pump

Hi Everyone,
during the re engineering of my now defunct Exige S2 RS400 converted to Audi unit by Komotec, i developed a new fuel unit that can fit the original tank and house pumps capable of over 400 l/h.
This unit addresses the fuel starvation issues encountered with 2.0 liter turbo engine conversions and it allows to house the Bar-Tek pumps (50mm diameter).
It retains all the original connectors and fuel level sensor and is 3D printed in Nylon PA12 that makes it pretty robust.
Anyone that has need for such upgrade can reach me in PM for the drawings.
I can eventually re design for other pumps also.
I suspect the BarTek pump would work nicely also with the original engine, although not sure what would be the effect of running it at 100% continuous flow (in the Audi setup it uses a PWM unit to throttle the fuel delivery).

Interesting! I don’t own a Audi powered s2 but would be interested to read about your now defunct car if possible?

This is what happened to it.
The car had just undergone fine tuning on the dyno, reprogramming of the ECU and TCU (Komotecs tuner had disabled many diagnostics and control loops, making the car very difficult to maintain and also control on the road).
All mods where working great, posted over 400bhp with 30C ambient air temp in the first few runs ( I don’t know what power it made ultimately).
Then I received a call, and the exige was gone (chassis damage). :sob::sob::sob::sob:

Oh no! Poor you! I saw the pic but didn’t know it was yours.

Sorry to read about it

That’s awful! :frowning:

That’s awful, sorry to read that

I also saw this recently, might have been on Facebook I think.

So sorry to hear it was your car, what an awful thing to happen. Hope the driver is ok.

Yes the driver is ok.
Young lad, he is shook and sore due to a couple of cracked vertebrae.
The Exige must have scared the crap out of him :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Thanks to everyone, this was just a sad freak accident. Very painful to see such a beautiful car trashed.

Those of you that fancy starting right away a conversion, or plucking the nice bits (carbon fiber seats and full interior, black alcantara dash plus MXS digital cluster conversion, a looot of titanium parts, Momo flat bottom steering wheel with nicely fitted paddle shifters internal to the column, mohawk carbon roof scoop and much more) , should try and follow what the insurance might do with it.

If anyone wants to fetch some nice parts,
This where the car ended at after the insurance cleared it

It looks rather intact considering!

They hammered the wishbones straight and removed the oil cooler plugging the two pipes together… don’t be fooled, the chassis bonding cracked open at the lower wishbone hardpoint.
It probably can go around town at low speeds but I would not want to be anywhere near this thing if the throttle is fully opened…
Add to that the oil level is not monitored (still had to connect it to the digital cluster) and the car lost oil due to the cracked cooler, and then pile on top of that the fuel can and pump assembly that as you can see from above pictures is still on my desk (don’t ask what is in the car, not proud of that…)