Exige S2 Geo Settings - Standard Suspension

Hi all,

Getting my geometry checked and setup next week and although I have done a ton of reading on here, I’m still struggling with the best way to go.

My car is an S2 with standard Bilsten suspension and definitely had noticeable understeer during my first trackday, however I understand the standard setup (if correct) to be a bit understeery anyway.

The question is, do I go with the standard Lotus recommended setup for now?

Or a setup with some slight tweaks to reduce understeer? If so, what would that look like in terms of deviation from the above?

Apologies for the daft questions but best to ask than guess…:grimacing:

The general go-to is to take the Exige settings and take out all of the front camber shims which will get you closer to 0.7deg (car depending), and toe out 0.5mm per side.

That’s a better starting point for on track and doable on standard dampers etc :+1:

Thanks Fonzey, much appreciated….:+1:t2:

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