Exige S2 Demo Cars

I really don’t like the look of the S2, but I’ll just have to give it a tryout.

Does anyone know when the showroom demo cars are likely to appear?

Nick Whale’s said it should be any time now. Lotus want cars in showrooms at the moment the car is launched.

Thanks for the update

My feelings are that this is a softer Exige to appeal to a different market than that for the S1.

Could do wonders for S1 residuals if that proves to be the case

Yep, Chris Neils told me they’d have demo car in early March. S1 (good 'uns) Exige residuals seem to be holding up pretty well at the mo.

“Exige residuals seem to be holding up pretty well at the mo”

They certainly do and I confidently expect the higher profile of the Exige concept with the launch of the S2 to push them up even further.

It will simply be a matter of supply over demand, to say nothing of the timeless aesthetics of the S1.

I read the situation like this:

There will be a lot of people who won’t pay the �30k+ S2 asking price. The fact that the S1 looks so fabulous and that good ones can be picked up well south of �25K means that the used market cannot help but receive a boost out of all this.

Add into the mix that there are less than 300 UK registered original Exiges and you have a good recipe for healthy prices this spring and summer.

I just don’t see how we can lose out of all this.