Exige S2 Dealer Installed Options

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After a very long wait I am finally going to be picking up my Chrome Orange S2 in a couple more weeks. (AC and Touring) Today the dealer asked if I wanted to add any options and I thought it would make sence to ask the forum members for their advice. So: should I get the Stage 1 or Stage 2 exhaust? should I get Armafend or any other paint protection? Anything else I should consider? The car will be used 90% of the time on the street.
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it dpends how house-proud yuo are…

It will pick up stone chips, just look at any elise/exige that is more than a couple of years old… especially if you ‘use’ it on road runs and at the track. Armourfend would be worthwhile i think… esp if its done properly and some attention is paid to where the seams are, otherwise it will present an annoying line that picks up dust/polish etc and looks like another body-panel joint.

Depending on how much cost it adds… a rortier exhaust would be a good idea because the S2 is sewing machine quiet. On the other hand if you do a lot of motorway/dual carraigeway work (or you intend making full use of your nice DAB radio ) then you might be best to stay with standard exhaust.

Oil coolers and sports seats with harness and maybe the Accusump and an LSD (depending how you drive) would be the options i’d probably want from new… then i’d see how it goes and replace things with uprated parts as i needed them… that’s what’s happening with my S1 anyway…

I’d ditch the Air-con but that’s a personal opinion… generates too much weight and heat for my liking… and you can always take the roof off… mind yer hairdo tho’

I recognize that it may seem like blaspheme to some of you out there for any one to order an Exige w/ AC, and touring, so I apologize in advance. Most of my driving will be with my 10 year old son and I was thinking mostly of him and his comfort when I ticked the options. Besides, the first place I can take weight off the car is the stone and a half extra I carry on my own chassis! Maybe to be more exact about the question, should I opt for the stage 1 or stage 2 exhaust? (Is there a performance gain with the stage 2 or is it just louder?) Is there an induction kit available? (hurricane?) And finally, can the oil cooler be added along with the touring pack?

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oops, I meant Armourfend!

And after more searching into Stage 1 vs Stage 2, it sounds like Stage 2 is too loud for some tracks , so Stage 1 it is. I think I’ll go with Stage 1, and the Reverie Daytona induction system. That ought to make up for the sunvisors and stowage net weight wise!


ps. And now I’ll stop posting responses to my own post and se if anyone else has anything to say.

I too have been through this harrowing process of dealer fit options.
I have driven an Exige with basic, stage 1 (not that much difference from standard) and stage 2 exhaust. I voted with my wallet and plumbed for the stage 2 (the sound to match the car at last)! From what i have been able to gather the stage 2 will still pass less strict noise limits. Although anyone thinking of doing big motorway mileage might be wise to go for standard or stage 1.

I have had a chat with a lot of different people about this, from what I could gather induction kit performance claims should be taken with a pinch of salt. That said I have heard good thinks about the pipercross kit and after a test drive with one I again voted with my wallet.

The protection tape stuff
You can look at this two ways in a couple of years you will have to respray the front due to chips this can cost between 300 and 400 quid.
The other option is go with the sticky tape and pay for a blemish free paint up front. (I went for the tape myself.)

Hope this helps and does not make thing worse!

You’re right to go for air con…it can & does get hot in the S2 just like the S1, but the air con works brilliantly & not at all like in the S1’s.

As for other options, if the removable motorsport steering wheel is still available go for it as an additiopnal security measure plus you’ll find it helps getting in & out of the car easier if you are long in leg or wider in the waist (as I did )

Hope that helps.


And finally, can the oil cooler be added along with the touring pack?

I have the performance pack which include the oil coolers. They are not the easiest thing to install as the front has to be striped down to put the oil coolers in then there is the small job of plumbing them back to the engine via the sills. In other words there would be a large bill for labour. You may actually be better off ordering both the touring pack and performance pack, the factory does not like doing it but I have been told they have done it before and they could do it again.


any performance gain from an exhaust will be modest and i doubt you’d really notice a real difference with only that change alone… same goes for induction kits… you are really only talking about 2 or 3 bhp at most… so on both counts it’ll be down to what noise you like/dislike. However, free-er flowing exhausts and induction kits help when you start going down more extreme mods route (like cams etc…) so i think you need to hear stage 1 and stage 2 exhausts and make your own mind up really… or take a chance…

…And finally, can the oil cooler be added along with the touring pack?

It’s worth checking if they’re on the car as std. Apparently it’s happened.


Thanks for all your comments. I’ve decided to go with the Armourfend, but am still not sure about the exhaust. I’ve read good things on several forums about the Quicksilver exhaust which I understand sounds great, and is 15 lbs lighter than stock, (would make up a bit for the AC) but I’ve also been told installing it will void my warranty. Not exactly a smart move. So I think the Stage 1 will end up in the car until I’ve got some miles on the car and then the mods can begin.

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The exige demo i drove had a stage 2. I thought it was terrible - Fine at idle and > 6000 rpm but in between at half throttle say if boomed and resonated the whole car. QS is supposedly similar in volume to a stage 2 but I know not of the reverb.

Stage 1 probably best compromise, thinking about getting one myself, if the misses never looks at the std exhaust before the donny show then I’m made!

The Quicksilver exhaust which I understand sounds great.

The Blue Flame sounds great as well Previous post, scroll down for link to sound

I’ve also been told installing it will void my warranty.

I thought that as well but I spoke with the Lotus salesman I bought the car from on Saturday and he reconned not, although I’m not totally convinced, anyone any thoughts? If it did wouldn’t it only be for engine related claims? Anyway whats to go wrong? It’s a Jap engine.

John, I look at it this way - if you have a big potential warranty claim and they find a way to get out of it, they will use any means available. For a definitive answer, ask the factory and get it in writing. I will dye my hair orange for Croft if you get it!

I will dye my hair orange for Croft if you get it!

Would that be Dyno-Rod orange

John, I’ll fake that letter if you’re interested!