Exige S2 - Chrome Orange

A few months into ownership and after signing up and creating an introduction thread, I wanted to start an owners thread to document/share the journey with like minded people.

My first time in an Exige was back in 2007 when one of my best mates bought a 2005 n/a one, I loved them from then on and the next year, following a trip to the ring in it, further cemented my desire to own one at some point in life.

Picture of the Exige in question…

Fast forward through the years of various car ownership from fast fords, civic type r, E92 M3, RS Audis and track prepped Megane 3 RS to a few months back when I spotted Jon Seal had a Chrome Orange S2 for sale with low mileage.

It was the colour I wanted so got in touch with Jon and the rest is history. The car only had two owners from new with the 260 conversion being carried out in 2010 with TRD and 2ubular back box fitted at the same time. Service history was good and the previous owner spent a small fortune sorting several air con issues too which was a bonus.

So early June and the car was delivered…

First order of business was a proper shakedown on some of my favourite local (ish) roads up to the Glenshee ski centre and everything felt pretty solid with no dramas whatsoever.

After that I set about getting the paintwork sorted out as it was a bit flat/marred/swirled etc… and one of my mates has a detailing business so why not get it corrected. It will mainly be used for track days and b road blasts but I have a bit of OCD when it comes to paintwork so it would just annoy me if left the way it was….:joy:

Anyway, I few after shots of two stage correction and ceramic coating. The wheels are done and need a refurb but I knew that and will get it done later when I get the suspension refreshed.

Next up was it’s first track day at Knockhill. I hadn’t been on a track for about five years since I sold my track prepped Megane 3 RS and my wife had our eldest daughter so was excited but apprehensive at the same time. To add to that, the track day was anti-clockwise on this occasion and I had never driven it that way so added to the anxiety…:joy:

Anyway, the session was an evening two hour open pit lane. It was dry which was a bonus as wasn’t sure how the NS-2Rs would fair in wet conditions. The car ran well but the brakes were poor on the standard discs/pads/fluid and faded badly a good few times which killed confidence. The heavens opened with about half an hour to go so called it a day.

Some pictures of the car on track, can’t quite believe how much roll there appears to be in some of the shots.

Had a few hours drive home to think about things and definitely wanted to deal with the brakes first, followed by some other track related mods i.e. Spitfire toe links and a baffled sump.

Got up the road and the following day made a few calls, Seriously Lotus were very helpful and ended up ordering some nice shiny bits which are due for delivery tomorrow along with some new pads but I’ll save for the next post….

Brilliant post and thanks for taking the time out!

Excited to follow another S2 owners progress as now @Fonzey and @matt447 have jumped the s2 ship!

Dont worry too much about the roll. They all do that. Time a lap , see if you can firm the ARB up and time a lap again. Thats the only way to be sure if roll is slow or fast!

Thanks Andy.

I have read all those guys threads along with yours and many others so some great info, tips and tricks in amongst all that.

I have already formulated a list of what I want to do and at the top of that is a suspension refresh, nitrons, updated brakes (already on the way), toelinks etc… isn’t that the way everyone goes once they buy one of these things…:joy:

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Its a slippy slope on these things. The cars are great out of the box but I just feel mine is getting better and better.

Can be much faster or more rewarding for the cash.

Hey! I’ve barely jumped anywhere, lol! I’ve just meandered sideways into something similar, but different :wink:

You have jumped from a s2 to a s3 therefore abandoned the s2 brotherhood.


Wow, harsh dude…:rofl:

Welcome! Will be fun to follow your progress.

So a few packages arrived over the last few days and will get all this fitted and a geo check/tweaks done at the same time…

I have gone for the SL Alcon 308mm discs with fixed alloy bells up front as it gives me the option if I ever wanted to change the 2 pots to 4 pots (unlikely but never say never). The rears are the Alcon 288mm with fixed alloy bells and will stay with the original single pot calipers.

Pads are very subjective and my personal experience led me to try the PFC 08 compound in both front and rear. I used PFC pads previously in my old Megane 3RS and therefore that is my starting point in the Exige too. I know the dust issues with PFC as been through that before but the performance of these outweigh that in my opinion.

Fluid will be Motul 660 as I have previous experience of that stuff aswell so sticking with what I know here too….:grimacing:

Regarding the geo, I asked in the tech section about this the other day and Fonze kindly gave his take on what to do with a standard car with camber and toe etc… so will likely take the start and Exige setup, remove front shims to add some negative camber and toe out slightly to remove some understeer but not enough to affect straight line stability (hopefully).

I have never found the need for RBF660 yet. Again subjective …

( ex R26 owner here ! )

It is at the extreme end of the spectrum Andy but I figure if I’m changing the fluid when fitting all the new gear, I may aswell go with something I know will perform….:grimacing:

Yeah, I read your legacy post. Loved my Megane and would never rule out another one. Chassis on those things is mega and with only a few minor mods, is frightening quick round a track.

Wait till you have got some confidence in your exige and a few trick parts. Mk2/mk3 wont see where you went.

Little update on this…

Had my new SL Alcon 308s fitted and PF08s up front along with Alcon 290s on the rear with PF08s. Fluid also changed to RBF660.

Spitfire toe links also fitted.

Brakes were bedded in properly but the initial squeal was horrific on the road and was hoping that would disappear on the track at the upcoming SIDC morning at Knockhill.

Geometry was also done by the local garage i use who has and still prepares a few Lotus tarmac rally cars so he knows his stuff. He ended up with 0.8° front camber, 1.6° rear camber, 0mm toe at front and 1mm toe in rear as a good starting point with the standard Bilstein suspension.

Fast forward to Saturday at Knockhill and unfortunately, no amount of running/hot laps would clear the squeal which is not something i can put up with in the long run so need to do some digging regarding what others are using, especially with the SL Alcons front and rear.

The car felt good and certainly noticed a difference with the geo done, however i did lack confidence on turn in as just didn’t feel like the rear was going to stick. Maybe just need more track time but i’m sure the three year old NS-2Rs aren’t helping matters. Played about with pressures a fair bit too but ended up running 24F 26R hot which felt the best.

All the lads i spoke to on the day said to get shot of them and get some proper tyres… :laughing: Maybe AR1s or A052s…? Will be the next purchase along with a Prosump and a different set of pads…

Out of interest, what pads are the folks that mainly track there cars but need to drive them 1-2 hours to/from track and some weekend road use using?

I hear RC5+, Carbotech XP8, Pagid RS14 or even DS2500, answers on a postcard please…

Some photos of Saturday.


Good update.

Pads are a personal choice and I guess you will get a million recommendations.

I use DS1.11 as they are good on the road and excellent on the track. Zero squeal as well and low dust.

I’ve had RC5+ (good on road, ‘fine’ on track), Pagid 14 (good on road, good on track but suffered pad transfer on track which is frustrating) DS2500 (good on road, ‘okay’ on track) and PF-08 (squeal on road but good, great on track but far too loud with the squealing!) and… my winner on my S2 Exige… was CL-RC6! They were just sensational! But I did have the standard (heavy) front and rear discs at that point, so it may have silenced a little of the squealing you may experience?

Basically, like Andy says - pads are a very personal thing. My choice was RC6

Thanks for the replies Andy/Matt. Totally agree with pads being a personal thing. To be honest, i started with the PF08 as i used PFs on my track prepped Megane previously and they were outstanding, just cannot deal with the noise on track/road.

Think i will possibly try CLs next, which ones i am not sure yet. Several of the fast elises on Saturday were running RC5+ and all raved about how good they were…while laughing about how loud my brakes were… :rofl:

I’m getting really self conscious reading about how loud PF08 are. I can’t hear a thing in the 2-Eleven but am I deafening everyone around me? :rofl:

Honestly think it is hit or miss Fonzey. Some people seem to report only mild noise on road and nothing on track. Others are in the same boat as me, crazy noise all the time….:joy:

Quick update having not looked at the car for four months due to work commitments, kids and life in general keeping me busy.

Got the car up on the fast eddy hub stands (great things) after seeing Andy with them. Wheel faces actually look ok in the pictures but the barrels are in a bad way and definitely need a refurbishment along with the diffuser so off with all that and set aside for blasting/coating in the usual satin black finish. Still need to remove the arch liner to diffuser brackets as they need to be blasted and coated too.

I then set about cleaning up the arches and any of the exposed aluminum tub. A few magic sponges and a bit of elbow grease and things came up pretty well. Full suspension refresh needs to be considered in the future but wishbones done etc… but not on the cards this winter.

Next step is a fit new pads (ordered a set of RC5s from SL) and give the discs a clean up with some 120/80 grit at the same time so the new pads can bed in properly. New tyres required also and a set of Nitron Clubsports but yet to order them.

I’m going to replace all the fixings for the diffuser too and note most people opt for stainless steel as a replacement but galvanic corrosion appears to be an issue if isolation washers are not fitted, which you can see from parts of my diffuser.