Exige S2 Audio Options

So… i have just bought an Exige, so far amazing car!

The car i have bought is a 2009 supercharged version and im looking at ways to upgrade the audio, but more to get a system with Sat Nav.

I have seen a couple of sites where they have got single din audio systems with flip out screens, which seems like a good compact option, but obviously above the radio there is a massive lip.

Any thoughts greatly appreciated for people who have done it, or if anyone has any better suggestions!

(and i am waiting for people to tell me that i should just listen to the engine and having a radio is stupid! LOL)


No no anything to get rid of that hideous whine, go mad fill it full of speakers and base bin :wink: :smiley:

Edit. Oh and welcome James

Might be interested if it is a Blaupunkt Woodstock you are taking out
Mine is doing strange things, such as it seems to have recorded part of a radio program onto the SD card :confused:

For sound: A Tullett with open K+N induction
For Twat Nav: Tom tom with sucker.

(+ ear buds)

I just wouldn’t spend money on the thing in the dash

Do a search on lotustalk.com, lots of people there have put in a single DIN flip front unit.

But do not expect to get hifi quality in an Exige without a massive amount of work and added weight.

I removed the head unit and 4 speakers and just use my phone as audio source and navigator. I have a spare phone case in the car with a Velcro strip on the back, then another Velcro strip on the sill cover.

i have one, it flips out fine, ill get the info later this wknd

I have a Pioneer AVHX6500 in my S2 - it flips out fine, but blocks both central air vents (which I have to keep pretty much closed). It streams from my phone via Bluetooth and runs a rear view camera. The menus etc seem a bit out of date, but it does the job.

Maybe its just me but my stereo spends most of its life off, no way I can drive fast and listen to music - need all my senses!!

Had a Pioneer MVH-8300BT for a few years now and it’s been great , I use the Navigon app from my iPhone that I find much better than in built car systems and you get speed camera warning , it connects to the Bluetooth on the head unit for notifications , iPod connection with artwork and hands free that works great , the head unit is much lighter than the standard unit without the CD .

For satnav I always use my phone on a windscreen holder. I wouldn’t bother touching the audio system.

You will never hear anything through the speakers unless it’s Classical music and you’ll never turn it on anyway. I’ve been on a week long driving holiday and the radio came on once, in stopped traffic. Any other time would have been pointless.

Audio options? Press pedal with right foot for more audio. Limit pressure for less audio.

Issue solved for free.

Agreed but having hands free and satnav is useful .

If you can hold a worthwhile conversation via handsfree in an Exige you will be doing extremely well!

No problem at all with the Pioneer and my S2 is probably louder than most, there is obviously background noise .

I built a 10" pioneer slim sub into the footwell that drained some of it :slight_smile:

Spotted this thread on Seloc that might be of interest - underseat subwoofer: