EXIGE S2 - £29950.00 ono

Exige S2 with Touring Pack, 1 month old, 1300 miles, metallic aubergine, air conditioning, DAB MP3 CD player, Thatcham class 1 alarm, electric windows, central locking, in brand new condition with full Lotus warrenty. Big saving on new price.

�29950.00 ono

Email - [email protected]

Erm… why so soon?

Must be the colour Uldis - Aubergine

As I am looking for a very quick sale I am will accept �28500

Must be the colour Uldis - Aubergine

Is that a dark purpley colour?

Getting into bargain territory!


I’ve heard of depreciation, but this is too much !!

�1,450 per day…

No, really Kan, why so soon?

No interest at all - so I will trade in mid week. Means someone will buy at a higher price from a dealer!!!

Well, thanks for at least trying to pass on the discount.

But you never answered why changing so soon…


no doubting you are offering an excellent opportunity here, but its a bit sudden and i guess we all love our S1’s… the newbies among us already have an S2…

thanks for giving us the chance tho’… why you selling??

Selling because I have decided to go back to owning a Caterham again. Bought the S2 so that I could use it all year round but unfortnately driving has not been the same thrill as driving a Seven. Nothing wrong with the Exige - it is immaculate but decided to change now before value plummets even more!!!

cheers kan…

that explains it… pity i can’t afford a 3rd car…


That’s the best reason I’ve heard.
Needing more hardcore.