Exige S2 2006

So, as I am not really using it I am considering selling my 06 plate S2 Exige.
It’s an early non airbag Touring spec in Stalight black metallic with cream and black leather Probax seats.
Leather trimmed gear surround and good carpets.
It does have LED rear lights, full service history, bookrack, less than 26,000 miles.
As I recall, and I will check, I am the 3rd owner.
It has the following in carbon: front splitter, engine cover plate, wing end caps and mirror covers.
It has a fairly noisy twin outlet exhaust and an aftermarket induction kit with cone air filter.
I have a set of satin black sill trims that I have never got around to fitting …
It has had clear body protection film applied all over the front.
It’s standard otherwise.
I have two spare new rear wheels, one front wheel and a set of winter tyres, that could be included in the sale.
However: it is a cat S damaged and repaired.
I bought it from Mathew Freed in Penshurst, Sussex, a well known Lotus repairer.
Its not the tidiest car bodywise and needs a bit more bodywork done, but its perfectly usable and great for track days.
From say 5 metres you are hard pushed to notice any issues but close up they show.
Value-wise I guess I am circa £20K as the mileage is genuine and low, the interior is pretty much perfect and mechanically she is a peach.

Just to add, having jacked her up recently to have a poke around there is a small piece of ally broken from the bottom of what I guess is the front bulkhead.
All suspension etc is straight and it drives perfectly.
There is some damage to the underside of the front clam and on the side sills which was probably fork lift damage.
One rear arch is missing a tiny piece from the lower corner.

Well, she is still for sale.
Lots of timewasters wanting to part ex old Fords and BMWs.
One chap from New Zealand who seems like he may buy her but trying to organise shipping and saving NZ import duty seems to be a problem.
Otherwise I just may keep hold of her as I guess they will eventually be worth holding onto.
I just seem to have too many other things happening to use her.
I now have a 4th spare wheel so I have a complete set, 2 used fronts and 2 new rears with a set of really good Avon wet weather winter tyres, not yet fitted.

She looks a lovely car! :sunglasses::+1:. I had major hassle selling my 190 privately, I was messed about chronically. I randomly ended up selling mine to a chap in Italy, he paid cash in full before flying over to view it! It then got loaded on a transporter and disappeared to Italy.

He then converted it to LHD and fitted a K20 Rotrex unit pumping out about 400bhp all within 12 months of owning her!

It only takes one person to buy it, the rest are pretenders unfortunately. :slightly_frowning_face:

Still available?

Hi is the car still for sale please?
Cheers Ash.