Exige S2 - 1,000 mile service due

Hi all, I’m new here so got a few questions if that’s OK?

I have a new Exige S2 in Chrome Orange (love it!) that’s due to go in for it’s first service next weekend, I can’t wait to really exploit the rev range…

Here is what I need fixing so far, but does anyone know of anything I should get checked under warranty, e.g. like the ECU thing?

  1. Check ECU for latest software as stalls sometimes when idling.
  2. Passenger door mirror, needs bracket fixing.
  3. Roof bolts need tightening.
  4. Off-side front light, main beam not working.
  5. Rattle under dash, passenger side.
  6. Rattle behind driver.
  7. Driver window seal needs replacing.
  8. Check window winder mechanism for rattle.
  9. Passenger carpet fixing point missing (Can I get spares?).
  10. Speaker front needs re-attaching.
  11. Screw missing from internal trim.
  12. Transmission rattle when not accelerating. (Does anyone else get this, sounds a bit tappety after driving about 10 miles, everything is properly warmed up so I can’t figure it out? Could it be a bearing?)

Also, am I being a bit anal about all the rattles, exactly how much should it rattle?

best regards

I had the ECU updated and it hasn’t stalled once since.

Behind the drivers head rattles and creaks but i’ve just got used to it now. theres supposed to be a new rubber seal comming out to stop it.

Theres always new rattles and creaks that seem to come and go as the miles go on. (14K on my S2 now)


Hi Rob,

I also have a new Exige S2 in Chrome Orange and am going in for first service this week. I posted a few of the problems I had from the start last week, but the truth is, every time I get in and go for a drive I hear different noises, squeeks here, rattles there, etc. I’m going to see if they can’t sort out the ones that do not go away (metallic rasp from the heat shield at the exhaust is the worst for me) but in general, I think it is the nature of the beast.

Also, you are aware that after 600 miles you can get up on the high cam, right? It says in the users guide that it is actually ok to do this from time to time once the engine is warmed up, and only “the full potential of the engine can be expolited after the first service”, (or something like that) means don’t thrash it at trackdays until it’s been in for a change to synthetic. I went up to Rockingham yesterday and on the drive there passed the 600 mile point…yeeha I was up and seeing the gear change light come on in no time! What fun!!! (I drove hard for about 5 minutes just to blow it out.) The only problem was it made my ear drums ache! (I’ve also done 800 miles in one week, yippie!) Have a look at the section in the manual under braking in. (page 55. And if you read it closely it actually does not say one should stay below 4500, just not to run it continuously above 4500…)

Have fun, and If you can, head up to Croft. I’m going and, other than a couple of hot laps with Ian(IDG) I’ve never been on a track in my life. I think that since the whole point of the Exige is to have it on a circuit, this will be the best opportunity for us newbies to learn the ropes.


Cheers guys,

Chris, do you ever go up to the Cat & Fiddle, I’m not that far away on the Macclesfield side, it’s a great drive, very testing!

Hi Rob, yeah have been up into the high revs a bit, but I’m not thrashing it yet as they download from the ECU how the engine has been treated, and can use it against warranty claims if they think it has been abused, so I’m just erring on the cautious side. It is pretty amazing past 6k rpm though! I can’t wait to get it on a track too…

yeah i often go from Derby to Manchester so normally choose the cat & fiddle route rather than the M6.

Will have to meet up there one day.

Ooh, I have another thing to add to the list:

  1. Boot edges rubbing paint off the bodywork.

The boot needs realigning as it’s started to squeak when opening, on checking this last night, there are white marks all around the edge where it rubs the bodywork, how can I make sure they don’t just T-Cut these marks off, does it need a re-spray?


Sounds like you’ve got quite a few issues !!

I think i’ve been lucky, i’ve got one of the first customer cars (June 04) so i was expecting to get all the problems.

But I hardly notice the rattles etc as i’ve grown up in lotus’ all my life.