Exige S1 Workshop Manual

Anyone know where I can get one in electronic format - download or get a copy of a CD for some beer tokens?


Depending on where you are in Surrey, I am Surbiton, and can burn you a copy of the Parts Manual and Service manual let me know if you want a copy.

Yes please Mark - in Kingston so just down the road . Can pick it up one evening this evening if possible…

Have you sold your Exige by the way?



I have not sold the exige and I am not that bothered now if it goes as I have recalc things and can afford to buy the type of house we are after.

Plus went for a drive yesterday with Quo and it reminded me why I bought the car in the first place!!

I have PM my mobile number give me a call should be in most of the day

Was a good drive out, nice to find some great roads.
Glad your keeping the Exige also