Exige S1 Shocks Upgrade

Any recommendations for shock upgrades for road & track use on S1 Exige?

I guess it has the original billies as only done 17k miles and were ok at Donny last month, but I would like to sharpen it up on track without losing too much road compliance.


I use Nitron NTR. I can’t really compare as I have not tried all the other options. I got mine second hand (years ago) and had them rebuilt two years ago by Meteor Motorsport. The rebuild transformed them, if you buy s/h, plan on a rebuild.

…, I used Meteor as they had a quicker turn round than Nitron, I expect they are fine as well.

You can have the Bilsteins rebuilt (by Bilstein) too…

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I have remote reservoir Ohlins on my current Exige, the last was Nitrons which is what I’d buy if starting from scratch.

Thanks guys.

I just want some adjustable ones for track use so guess Nitrons or Ohlins then.

I might be lucky and see a S/H set up before the spring as car is now in hibernation :grinning:

Airchamber by S, on Flickr


Has it got Covid mate? Isolation? :rofl:

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Resting before this years track days mate :smile:

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Mine’s been on Ohlins since 2006…no complaints so far!