Exige S1 or

I have been dying to get rid of my CTR for months and get a car with proper steering feel. Exige is exceptionally appealing (as I think you all know), but I have some minor gripes with build quality and K-series reliability, esp. in 190 trim. Does anyone think that as a second car these are probably less significant problems (I think 5k miles a year max)? My other thought was a VX220 turbo, but it seems to be marketed more as a GT (sound deadening - why?) - anyone got a comparison?

Accept no substitute…

Hats off to you… You have seen the light!

%k miles a year is nothing. I have done (and many around here) 24K miles with mine without any problems.
Yes, the VHPD drinks a bit of oil, but if looked after well (checking the oil) it works perfectly.
The car is very basic, no not much to care for, except the engine and suspension.
You may have to wear earplugs as well
Expect the odd electrical problem (if recent postings are anything to go by) but you can have those gremlins with whatever.

VX220T pulls has hard but is much softer. Exige is also lighter.

Like Rox says, accept no substitute, and you will be overtaking all your CTR mates with a grin the size of their bumper

Well the CTR never really became the car I wanted. Never had the image, rarity or rawness of a DC2 Teg. and you don’t seem to notice the lack of steering feel on the test drive. And I’m well used to drinking oil (2.5 litres in 5000 miles)

Has anyone ever tried a VXT engine in an exige tub? (Not that I’m thinking of doing it, but it was just a thought!)

No, but you can overtake them in the track with a 177BHP Exige. It happens all the time.
They’re waaay heavier.

Personally, if it’s just feel you’re after an Elise or VX would be up there. You would be missing out on a pretty special ownership/driving experience with the Exige though!

I think the build quality gives it the racecar feel and encourages you to get your hand dirty yourself.

Buy one now and if you don’t like it it’ll probably have gone up in the summer when people want’em for trackdays!


It’s not just feel that I want, but that’s what I miss so much. I actually enjoy driving my 1.0 Micra (yes I can admit to owning a car with 50hp) more as you can tell what it’s doing. The Honda makes speed seem absolutely effortless and uninvolving.
What I am looking for is a rare, specialised car which requires some TLC/looking after and rewards because of the care put into it. Thought the exige fitted the bill best!

Well I’m with you on that!


Well, an Exige is exactly what you’re looking for then!

Hope to see you soon join the ranks.

Been there, done that

CTR then VX, then Exige and back to VX

I know what you mean about steering feel, and going from a CTR to any of the VX/Elise/Exige types is a revelation. My thoughts:

  1. If you are using the car as a 2nd car (as you say) the Exige probably has the edge - more racecar looks and feel for sure. The VX is heavier and softer than my standard 2.2 VX, and the same again away from the Turbo. On my first (and only) trackday with the Exige I had little trouble passing VXTs, and I felt I was only pushing the car to about 8/10ths most of the time
  2. The VX is the better car day to day (IMO), as it is not as hardcore, and the Turbo engine makes it very quick for real world driving - massive slugs of low down torque means you don’t need to rev it like the Exige. It would also be cheaper to run IMO

The only way to resolve it is to go and test drive both and take it from there! Oh and if you do go an Exige (and you won’t regret it) check the oil before going out on track


Anyone ever own or know about this exige:
Exige for sale

Looks kind of a ‘bargain’ given that it has the TT 260 conversion already, not sure about colour though

That’s Russell Morgan’s car - he is also the dealer selling it. He bought the car from Christopher Neils in mid 2002 (IIRC) for about �24K, then he had the TT conversion done, which must have cost about �11K. I suppose he gets his �52K from the original new price of the car, plus the TT conversion cost.

Russ is/was a keen motorsport participant - over the years he’s raced 2 Litre Vauxhall Caterhams, Renault Spider & Marcos Mantis. He will have spent whatever has been necessary to keep the Exige in tip top condition.

Colour is Cobalt Blue, & the Exige does look well in that colour.

The car has been for sale for a few months, so if you fancy it, be prepared to do some haggling.

I have no connection with Russ or his business, apart from bumping into him socially (eg at Oulton Park), once every blue moon. He’s a real nice guy, & by all means mention my name. (He also knows RussT, cos he drove both our cars before he took the plunge & bought his own!)

Doesn’t tell you much about the car, sorry, but gives you a bit of background, which you may find useful.

That was exceptionally helpful m8!!