Exige s1 newbee

hello all. I first drove an Exige S1 on a Palmer Sport day back in 2001, loved it so much, that I immediately went to look at a chrome orange car at a dealer in Warwick. Ended up buying a Ferrari 308GTB instead. Everyone needs to own a Ferrari at least once if they can. Now after 23 years, I have finally pulled the trigger. Picking up a silver S1 on Saturday. Happy days


Great news👍Keep in touch

Congratulations! Post up some pics when you have it, silver ones are the best!

Did you collect the Exige? How is it?

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Post some pictures and details look forward to seeing more, welcome to Exiges and Exige ownership. Funnily enough my love for them started in 2001 and going to the same (I’m guessing) dealer near Warwick to stare at their showroom cars on my way to work…:+1::sunglasses:

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Sadly the car pick has been delayed as the cars starter motor let go when the vendor tried to start the car the day prior to pick up. So the car is in with Rapid Mechanical being sorted. Once completed, purchase and pick up will take place.


Oh well, at least that’s one known weak spot that you won’t have to deal with, it’ll be worth it when you finally get to drive it!


New Exige S1 acquired. Got a little muddy on the drive back but was an absolute dream to drive.


Looking good especially with a bit of winter grime :sunglasses::+1::ok_hand:

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