Exige S1 market value and appreciation potential

Totally agree Simon, just wish the Elige never existed :unamused: :wink:

340R is a close second :sunglasses:

Yours is a magazine star! (I remember the lift it gave me coming across that whilst in hospital :slight_smile: )

Really great to hear Ian! - remember there’s a bit of your and Ben’s VHPD in the back :slight_smile:

When you’re done with it, I’ll buy my bit back off you. I don’t plan to reinstate it but on reflection it should stay with the car.

I have one in the garage. Just not had time to finish it from a rebuild. Hope to have it on the road for summer 2017.
Bought is 5 years ago and done less than 1,000 miles in it. Was working in a different country for two of those.

S1 Elise too which is being ragged on track, rebuild required on that now.

Nice to know it is sort after now.

I’ve driven less then 200 miles in 3 years. Summer 2017 is my target to finish also.

Welcome btw. Post some pictures up, here will do :thumbup: