Exige S1 in Canada

Just posting a greeting. In May of 2018 I bought an S1 Exige in Europe and imported it into Canada later in the year. I am now just the 2nd caretaker of this amazing car. Since the cars are not actually legal for road use in the USA, to my knowledge this is one of just 3 cars in North America that can be driven on public roads!

Welcome, let’s see some pics posted :+1:

Oh yes :clap: Welcome to Exiges.com :smiley:

I imagine not only owning the best Exige you also support the greatest hockey team in THE world :sunglasses:

Here you go!

Nice Plate!

Fantastic. Lovely looking car.

Like it :thumbup:

Looks very much at home among the trees. Keep in touch and the pictures flowing.:+1:

It goes well with my Elise S1 plate! The Elise S1 is one of about 8 in Canada.
Elise and Exige S1.jpg

Nice combo sir :+1:

Wow didn’t realise it was possible to get an S1 registered in Canada, my brother always wanted an S1 Elise

Lovely looking cars, and very exclusive over there! :slight_smile:

I’m aware the US has a ’25 year rule’ for importing road cars which don’t meet regulations, am I right in thinking it’s similar in Canada but at 15 years?

Correct deggles. We can get our hands on great “foreign” cars 10 years before the USA.