Exige S1 - front clam side grilles


Does anyone know where I can get a set of the front clam side grilles?

I believe the part no.s are:

Many thanks

I asked the same question a while back. Looks like they are very hard to find. I eventually made my own following a few searches on here and Seloc where a few people had done similar.

Thanks for your reply, how did you make them and what did you use?

the ones i have seen were a little too wide and needed reshaping as they would scuff up the paint when fitted. does anyone have a link to the mesh, happy to try shaping some using the moulds or one of the unpainted clams i have here

Ive found some black mesh sheeting that could be used on ebay -

from memory its pretty cose knit, this is 4mm x 6mm but there is also 3.5mm x 5mm