Exige S1 - front clam side grilles


Does anyone know where I can get a set of the front clam side grilles?

I believe the part no.s are:

Many thanks

I asked the same question a while back. Looks like they are very hard to find. I eventually made my own following a few searches on here and Seloc where a few people had done similar.

Thanks for your reply, how did you make them and what did you use?

the ones i have seen were a little too wide and needed reshaping as they would scuff up the paint when fitted. does anyone have a link to the mesh, happy to try shaping some using the moulds or one of the unpainted clams i have here

Ive found some black mesh sheeting that could be used on ebay -

from memory its pretty cose knit, this is 4mm x 6mm but there is also 3.5mm x 5mm

Sorry for the really slow reply. Some pictures of the ones I made.

No doubt they could be made better but once on they look fine. I marked the clam recess with masking tape, then transferred that to cardboard to make a template. Tested the template, fettled, trimmed etc. then took about 3mm off all around the template to allow for the mesh to wrap around. Cut out the template shape from some very thin eBay aluminium sheet. Spray painted it satin black, then wrapped some eBay aluminium mesh around it. Spray painted it again to catch any bits missed or scratched. Finally I needed to put a small twist in them.


Top job, how are you fixing to the clam?
Do you know what size mesh you used?

@philthy how are you getting on with your build, much progress?

Dom is cracking on with the clams just now, will hopefully be able to collect beginning of March, Iā€™m slowly getting all the other parts I need in the meantime.

Some bits are just impossible to get or are unjustifiably expensive so post like above are very useful

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