Exige S1 at Lotus Silverstone?

Hi guys, I’m a long time Elise / exige owner / fan, currently have an Elise s1 and have had a few exige / Elise s2/3 over the years.

Here’s the problem - I cant stop thinking about an s1 exige (it’s getting obsessive - I think I need to do something about it so I can sleep at night) and notice that there’s a pretty tidy looking s1 at Lotus Silverstone, anyone know the car? On the surface of it, looks pretty fair value.

Ps I’ll post a pic of my very lovely Elise s1 soon.


Do you have a link or details about the s1?

Yes v good point!

I looked at this car a couple of months ago, the owner was advertising it. It needed too much bodywork for me.

Only way is to have a look at it.
Lotus Silverstone offer 12 months warranty on approved used, so you have price of mind.

Edit that, it’s no longer on there website… have you bought it?