Exige S1 artwork

I’ve just treated myself to a custom pic of the Exige after seeing one in orange at Classic Motor Hub . . . All the work of Darren Curtiss at MotiveCulture (motiveculture.com) who, amazingly, managed to include the exiges.com sunstrip from a pretty average snap of the car taken in my garage. Very impressed, good to deal with and all for £45 for an A3 size, although a larger size is available.

Like it thommo :+1::+1:

I love that… you’ve just cost me £45 :joy:

You won’t be disappointed! Although it might cost you more if you customise it to glory!

I’d be happy with yours given our cars are nearly the same just my reg. hoping he won’t add any extra :wink::+1:

Sure you’ll be fine with your Reg. It really is a cracking job.

Not sure who did mine, someone on Facebook I think.

I think it was a bit more than you paid, over £100. Different style, I like both.

Like yours too, Keith.

I’m being allowed to hang it up in the “motoring corner” in our study with my Minardi wing end plate etc etc.


Just fab. They are just so pretty.

Gibson reflection :sunglasses:

Yamaha SG2000, I have 3. I could never afford one when I was a school boy. As played by Santana on the famous stuff. Sustains forever.

You can tell I’m a bass player :blush: :crazy:

My Exige poster was done by Buzzart, they have a few options.

The first one is mine! :smiley:

Always liked the side profile, and the blue was to match the colour of the alcantara; think he done a pretty good job!

Thommo - there was no escaping it :joy: thanks for the heads up re these. Really chuffed with them.

Superb! Well done👍