Exige S V6 geometry?

My car is running stock geo which I understand is set up to understeer.
Is there a recommended set up that anyone could share?
My usage is mainly road, but I simply want the handling to be as good as it can be.

What model Exige do you have ?
There are different set ups … the later models have a different geo to earlier …
I have a 2015 roadster and put 1 degree negative camber on front ( more just made ABS activate earlier) on track and 0.5mm toe out per side which is a little aggressive maybe …
It’s improved turn in, but you still have to get the weight on the front to avoid understeer on track.
On the road it’s just fine.

It’s a 2013 Coupé, Race and Premium Sport, running on Corsa’s.

I would get 1 degree negative camber on the front and check the toe setting is somewhere like 0.1mm out per side minimum to start and see how it feels.
Not a lot more you can do with standard suspension apart from change the tyres to 215 section on the front - AD08R seem reasonable alternative to Corsa.