Exige S Suspension

Thinking of changing the standard OEM suspension to 1-way Nitrons, looking for comments from those that may have already done this.

Thanks in advance,


I did it, I went with 425 and 550 springs. I did find I still needed the stiffer roll bar as well, but now the ride is I think better and quieter than before.
I am in Essex if you are local you could come out in mine for a pax ride?


thanks for the reply. I’d happily accept your offer but I’m in Shropshire so a bit of a trek .

I’ve already got the Lotus Sport front ARB so I should be OK. Are your spring ratings the Nitron suggested ones and did you go for the Eibach upgrade.



I’m not sure what the Nitron suggestion is, I actually used the wisdom of this forum to decide as the S rear needs to be slightly due to the extra weight of the SC.

Ade you should have tried the 525/650 setup… Every professional driver that has ever drivin my car has commented on how well the car handled…Don’t waste your money on the adjustable sway bar because you’ll only leave it in the stock setting…

I was tempted and might move to the firmer springs later but for the moment I wanted a more compliant ride so 100lb’s off what you are running seemed about right.