Exige S Sports Zaust

Has anyone had the Lotus one fitted yet and if so what are there thoughts on it? Deciding wether to go with Lotus or possibly 2ubular.



Not tried cutting and pasting these links before but if you look in the S2 Exige section they are there.

great sound but breaks

Really??? What problems they having with them? Do you think better to hold fire till problem is fixed by Lotus?

The actually release of the official exhaust was delayed due to a problem with welds failing so it may just be that Exigeboy is just damned unlucky or that Lotus said f*$k it and released it anyway.

i am very unlucky in that case given this is the 4th one that has broken!

Had one fitted last Friday-sounds fantastic-so far,so good.

I went for the 2bular and glad to now! It makes a wicked sound and pops and bangs in all the right places

i love the sound of the official S2 - its just the build quality that leaves a lot to be desired!!