Has anyone fitted a set of shift lights in their ‘S’? If so, which ones?

I’ve heard it’s not an easy job due to the electric setup…


I would imagine fitting to an S is the same as an NA car. In which case I fitted a DataTools RevLight and ran a wire from cylinder 1 to get the pulse signal. Bit of a faff but well worth it. Mounted the lights in the roof so they are just in my peripheral vision.


You know you’ve already got one I assume? The immobiliser light doubles as a shift light in the rev counter. It does on my 05 N/A anyway.

I agree.

Plus I think if you can’t hear the engine, and need a shift light, you need a good slap

Take no notice. If F1 drivers have them then I’ll have some too

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I have them on the BMW…there’re great

Thanks for the replies so far , even the less helpful ones . I have no problem listening to the engine but a set of shift lights would be helpful, especially if they are programmable.

Can’t recommend the ShiftI system highly enough. Mine is set to start at 7K rpm, with the red at 8K rpm (I prefer not to rev to the max of 8800rpm).

Made by the following, & website has installation instructions for various makes/models:


Bought mine from Yvo Elise Shop, Performance parts for your Lotus Elise

I have them on the BMW…there’re great

Yeah - They tell you to change up - to the new facelifted model !!!

Been using the shift-i for a while, find it very useful.

Any excuse for a blurry photo

You can’t have to many flashing lights


Don’t think you’ve quite got the right idea there…the lights shouldn’t be flashing when you’re not moving or revving the engine

Seriously though, hope you’re keeping well

Lol thanks another reminder