Exige S RGB Register - is your RGB on this list?

There doesn’t seem to be a dedicated register for Exige RGBs, or at least I haven’t been able to find one on here. As such, I am assuming there isn’t one, so this topic is an attempt at starting one.

We know that there were a total of 141 Exige S RGBs built in 2010 and early 2011, with 55 of them delivered to UK owners. I am sure we would all like to know where each one of these cars is at present. As such, it would be great if owners can post up the following information related to their car.

As an example, I have added information related to mine:

Country of Delivery: UK
Built: 30th October 2010
Build Number: 138
Colour: Aspen White
Factory Options: Torsen LSD
Upgrades: Ohlins 2-way adjustable dampers, Quaife ATB differential, 2bular Exhaust (8x22 Road System)

#138 is the

  • 117th out of 141 cars worldwide
  • 54th out of 59 cars worldwide in Aspen White
  • 42nd out of 55 cars for the UK in all colours
  • 19th out of 21 cars for the UK in Aspen White.

Great idea. Hope everyone who has one signs up

All from memory

Country of Delivery: UK
Built: April 2011
Build Number: 14 I think
Colour: Aspen Black
Factory Options: None i know of
Upgrades: None I know of

Super, thanks for posting up. :thumbup:

Do you still own the RGB?

A couple of questions;

  1. The body colour should be either Aspen White or Starlight Black. As such, which one is it?
  2. Was yours actually built in April 2011 (or was that the date it was registered)? The reason I ask is that I was led to believe that all Exige RGB’s had to be built by 31st Dec 2010 since the 2ZZ-GE engine was no longer compliant with Euro 5 regulations, which took effect in 2011.

This one is mine:

Country of Delivery: UK
Built: October 2010
Build Number: 92
Colour: Solar Yellow
Factory Options: None
Upgrades: None

Bought new from Grange Preston by myself

I did say it was from memory :lolno:
I do still own the car but current circumstances mean it doesn’t get out much, hence the guesses.

1 car is starlight black
2 how do i find the build date? Registered april 2011
It is definitely nimber 14.

Great to hear that you still own RGB #014.

The 10th position in #014’s VIN should be ‘A’, which means it is a 2010 model: Exiges.com - Exiges.com - Lotus exige club

I cannot remember how the ‘Build Month’ was established, or whether I was informed of this. Will need to check.

I am awaiting #138’s Certificate of Provenance from Lotus Archives which should confirm the build date.

Car is in for service at the moment and they helpfully printed the chassis number on the invoice, SCCLHHAC9BHC, and i can confirm my car is a 2011 MY

Sorry, think I misled you - I believe all RGBs are 2011 models (i.e. identified by having ‘B’ in the 10th position). I guess the only way one can find out when their car was actually built is by contacting Lotus Archives. I have just received my Certificate of Provenance, which states that #138 was signed off from production on 30th October 2010.

I just sent off for my certificate of Provence, so will also be able to confirm, in about 3 weeks apparently :lolno:

Excellent. :thumbup:

I think it is likely to take longer than that to recieve your first draft. I found some really useful information included in the letter that accompanies the CoP, such as the following with regards to #138:

Your car is the 117th out of 141 cars worldwide
Your car is the 54th out of 59 cars worldwide in Aspen White
Your car is the 42nd out of 55 cars for the UK in all colours
Your car is the 19th out of 21 cars for the UK in Aspen White

The thing that I found fascinating was that #138 had the Torsen LSD option specified from the factory, but it is not on the original sales invoice, so the first owner (who optioned it) was never charged for it. I only found out when the gearbox was taken apart to install a Quaife ATB differential!

Also, can you add your details to this thread on SELOC (more Exige RGB owners responded to that thread): SELOC Forums

#71 here, black one, bought today.
Previous owner was a total Lotus nut and lovely bloke.
It’s pretty much immaculate and just ticked over 17k miles. New AD08RSs, new Nitrons just fitted and previously looked after by Jez at BoT.
It’s a bloody lovely thing :heart:

Very nice Paul :ok_hand:

#071 does looks rather lovely…

How do you find the AD08RS ad08rs compared to the A048s?

Never driven on AO48s I’m afraid, car came with brand new AD08RSs. The jury is still out on them for me, Had multiple sets of AD08Rs previously and they were brilliant, not so sure about the RSs yet.

I too haven’t had any experience with AD08RS but had heard some negative comments stating that it was a step backwards when compared to the AD08R.

I need to change the tyres in #138, so looking at options

Best colour. :thumbup: