Exige S - more power....?

I think I may have asked this on SELOC, but i’m still confused.

First off, it clearly doesn’t “need” more power!

But say you did want 20-30 bhp more. It seems like there are no easy options, which confuses me a bit.

Firs’t off i’m told the throttle is mechanically only allowed to open to 75%? If so then opeing to 100% and some sort of fuelling adjustment should yield a good bit more power. I’m assuming the standard injectors have enough duty cycle to support this.

So what remap options are there? Surely Lotus can do this, amongst others?

What mods does the 240 model have over the Exige S?

I also haven’t seen any mention of smaller pulleys?

Sorry if i’m repeating stuff hear but it just seems very simple to do, but nobody appears to offer a simple remap.

Lotus Sport offer solutions to get to 240 and 255.
Hangar 111 have kits for 250 and 280.
Sinclairs have options for 265 and above with charge cooler.

Remapping the Lotus ECU isn’t easy and hence as far as I’m aware these are the only people with options in the UK.

Get on the phone to the people above and see what they can do for you.

I agree.

Speak to all & then weigh up the costs & pro’s/cons.

Lotus Sport will suggest/insist on addtional upgrades to ensure that the extra power doesn’t trash the original bits.

Clutch, brakes, suspension etc will need upgrading.

I know that some of the non Lotus providers will provide more power & leave it to you to upgrade the rest.

You pays your money & you takes your chance

Cool - thanks both.

What are the Lotus costs then? Don’t see it listed on their site.

Hanger 111 looks good! Many pennies though.

Lotus costs will depend on what they suggest/insist you have upgraded.

The actual power upgrade is not expensive compared to the other options. Injectors are around �450 & the 240 ECU remap is around �400. These are plus VAT

I would suggest you could get your 20 + BHP increase and some other desirable upgrades for similar outlays to the power only non Lotus options.

Join Club Lotus International & get 15% disc on parts and labour - do it before June 1st though. Costs �35 PA.
Links from the main Group Lotus site.

Speak to Russell Gibbons about what you want - I am sure he will look after you.

The Gotham upgrade is available from Sinclaire, AFAIK it costs �1k inc fitting for the remapped ECU and injectors, this should yeild around 265hp, addition of the Proalloy charge cooler will add another 20hp or so. They are �1650+vat plus fitting. Call Wayne at Sinclaire for more info.

Chris / Ade / UFO, I must owe you all a few pints for my newbie questions

Thanks for the patience.

Sinclaire option looks good.