Exige S - Intermittent lack of revs / no supercharger

As above, seems to happen on hot days (although the car only really gets used in goodish weather) car will barely rev, supercharger doesn’t boost - almost like its in some kind of ‘limp home’ mode. Turn the car off, wait a few minutes and all is fine again? Has anyone experienced this / got any ideas?

Exige S
Early 2007
Komotec 280 kit fitted



Do you have the standard catalyst on it? Know of another S’ recently that started out with intermittent issues like this and it got worse and worse until eventually it wouldn’t rev at all. Cat had collapsed entirely.

Sports cat - but it did only just pass its last MOT on emissions.

Worth getting it off and having a good shake, it’ll soon be obvious if it’s on its way out.

Do you have any engine warning lights up?

Sounds like the bypass valve may be staying open, are you getting any form of MIL light or codes?