Exige S - Front Shock Absorber problems?

Over the past 3 months my Exige S has started to rattle from the front passenger side. At first it sounded like the anti rattle springs on the calipers werent there. (had this problem on my old elise s2), but the rattle doesnt go away under braking (so that eliminates that!). The noise has got worse over the past week or so.

Went to the dealer today and they reckon its the front passenger shock absorber thats faulty.

Has anyone else had shockers failing on them?

some time things do fail, thats life.

A dead give away that it is toast is that it’s loosing it’s fluid, check for fluid/oil marks around the shock absorber.

But its not unheard of dampers failing early. Near sides also get more work to do on the average road.