Exige S ECU tune.

I have a '07 Exige S in Korea(euro version).

First time I asked to sector 111 for Gotham 265 but they can not reflash cause of the Euro version ECU.
Do you know why?
So, I plan to upgrade by komotec phase 2 (280hp) or pro-alloy’s water intercooler kit. already I ordered 2bular full exhaust kit.
What kind of item is better or reliable?
Help me to find out.

Wait for the ECU from Charlie it will come out in euro spec…do add the Pro-Alloy Chargecooler it is a real chargecooler and it makes a huge difference…As far as the Tublar exhaust goes I have not seen any dyno sheets from anyone so far claiming any gains…


When do you think the S ECU Euro spec tune will be available ?

That’s all up to Charlie and Sector111, so best to contact them… I do know that there will be a new stand alone comin out soon…I should be testing it hopefully some time this month…

Oh~!! That’s a good news~~ Gotham for euro spec.
I can’t wait…
Yes, I agree pro-alloy is better I think.

Thank you guys.

My Car goes in next week for the first UK “Gotham” I will be without the car for about 2 weeks but will provide full results when finished. Sinclaire are the UK reseller for the Sector 111 upgrades.
This thread gives you the low down on my car including dynos to date. http://www.exiges.com/ubbthreads/showflat.php?Cat=&Number=96158&page=2&view=collapsed&sb=5&o=&fpart=1

Hey Brian let’s us know how it all turns out with a Korean dyno sheet if you could when you’re done…

Ok, Frank.

I may fit with komotec 280 kit + 2bular full set.
It will be taks some time… :slight_smile:
I will show you dyno graph after I done.

The Pro-Alloy setup works as I have the Rad and heatexchanger on my car and I know my discharge temps have gone down 30-50*f under full boost as far as the Komo-tech kits go you have to have faith in knowing that it is only their word… I have not seen one person post any real data as to the Komo-Tech chargecooler discharge temps…good luck, you’ll need it…