Has anyone replaced the OEM air filter panel in their S? Is it worth doing, I was thinking of the ITG panel filter.


Yeah i need info on this as i have 50notes t waste…needs links to exact one if possible ???

Do you have to dismantle the intercooler pipe work to access the filter housing?

IIRC it can be done removing the rear wheel and arch liner…or if ya have girl wrists like me through the back of the hatch…very tight and fiddly… not 100% sure

I changed mine to a “Green” panel filter it is a fidly job you need to make sure you have it fitted back on ok on the throttle body end. It is easiest to take out the arch liner and do it through there.

c’mon dude…info info lol ^^^




I’m sure it was �45 from my local car modding place carnoisour (sp?) it was actually in his book of fittment for the na so I at least knew it would fit ok.