Exige S 06 Brake pads

Ello… About 9 months ago, I had to get new rear disks and pads fitted… The car only had 7000 ish miles on it, but the rear disks had cracked. Hardly any wear on them, but cracked disks need to be replaced. Not noticed on the service tho… (did they look??.. I don’t think so)

Anywho… Now the rear pads have fallen apart… Usual I’d not used the car for 2 weeks (weather and all) and they had stuck as per usual. Anywho, this time one of the pads dropped 40% of itself onto the floor…


Westover Lotus want my splean in exchange for a set of pads… A splean + my liver to fit them!!

My question is, what aftewrmarket pads are any good for your normal hard road use?

Or should i stick to the lotus ones? And how much should i be paying a main dealer to fit them.


Leave it in gear with the handbrake off?
If your still on the std pads on the front i’d think some mintex 1144 from eliseparts,etc would be alright.
If you own a jack and a pair of needle nose pliers you could fit them yourself quite easily. I’d guess a garage would charge an hours labour, try asking in the ‘regional’ bit on seloc for an independent to do it as it really is very easy.

I like the Pagid RS42 Blues.

I’d recommend Performance Friction.

97 compound allround for road, if going on track PF01 on the front.

Cheaper and better than the Pagid IMO.

I agree performance friction all round for me and easy to fit to