Exige register

I tried to include my new pride and joy on the exige register about a week ago but it still hasn’t appeared yet, does this not function anymore?

I have had the same experience

Post your details in this thread and I’ll get the register updated… my Email is on the fritz

Chassis number 80079

Owner Mike Lane

Colour Black

DVA Power modified head; Piper 1227 cams; larger inlet valves in Colsibro guides; double valve springs, steel caps and solid followers; EBD Ultimate manifold; Vernier Pulleys and an Emerald ECU: set up by Dave Walker on the Emerald Rolling Road (which said 213.5 BHP)

Also has Luke 6 point harnesses and bar from Geary, Magnecor Leads and 048s

Chassis No. 80062.
Colour New Aluminium.190 upgrade.
Name. Steve Newell
Place. Northants.


could you please enable my record for editing?
It’s waaay outdated and it was locked (and the pics lost) when the change on the BBS happened.

Alternatively, delete it so I can do it again ??