Exige reg

After selling my Exige I’m now selling my Exige registration EX51GE M that’s now on retention ,
Looks great on the car , PM me for price .

MOT friendly version

I still have this for sale, i was looking for around £1k for it but im open to offers.

I had EX51GE F thought it was worth similar, found it very hard to sell, in the end sold it for £500 to a guy called Finlay, the big issue seems to be the illegal spacing required to make it look good, never bothered me and I was never stopped with it

Hi Ade , i was never stopped either , it was on my car for over 10 years and on my other Exige before that, the photos are two different cars , j just had a correct spaced version for MOTs but even then it still looks good ,

Had the same thing for MOT as well, even had a 2/3 size front plate on too, never an issue, but I did find people were unduly worried and therefore were put off and offered silly money like £200, but in reality I decided it was worth the more sensible offer I was given and took that.

I love a funky plate and have Y18 TWO on my 182 Clio and R50 APL on my RS3, still trying to find something for my Scirocco as I’m going to sink so much into that I’ll never be able to sell it LOL

Do you still suffer from Carbonitis Ade ?

I do still have my carbon Reverie seats in the Clio, but luckily for my wallet, there is very little carbon available for the other cars I own :thumbup:

I see you still have plenty of cars to spend on , once I get this bloody house finished I shall be looking for another garage queen.

I have a few, I’m gutted I don’t have a spare £32k with the S1 that has just come up for sale, even if I sell all the rest apart from the S1 I can’t get enough together :frowning:

Yeah , I was seriously contemplating buying that S1 #001 when it was for sale , when I had made my mind up that I should buy it - it had sold .
The new Exige & Evoras are out of reach for me at the moment , I would love a 2010/11 cup 260 Exige though.
It’s strange not having a Lotus at the moment but then I have made lots of progress on my house , it’s been a 25 year project lol .

Agreed it was very strange for me as well, hence why I bought the Elise when I saw it, very rare to find limited editions like the type 79 or 49 for sale at sensible prices, especially unmolested like mine is.

Good luck with finding one in the future, if I was in the market place for an S2 I’d be going for a type 72, easily the best colour scheme on an S2 Exige I always lusted after 661’s car when I had mine…

Your S1 looks great & a good investment as well .
Did you have a Rotax Max Ade ?

Yes I have two, not been used in 10 year, but got them out the shed where they were being stored and they are not seized, I plan on refreshing them and trying to use them over the summer

Yeah , still have my kart but like you have not used it for years , would love to get it back on track but im not sure my shoulders could cope with the G now lol.

you will be fine with the right seat and a rib protector :wink:

I forgot I still had this until I found the retention certificate in the kitchen drawer at the weekend , anyone fancy it ? Looks great on a Exige ,£950 or sensible offers , thanks .

Big price drop to £453 , any less & I may as well keep it .