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Hi,i do not want to comment any of the threads that Mr. USA and a few other have posted in the last weeks about my car, beeing so rude is not my and Komo-Tec�s way of showing how good products are! This is the reason why we have not comment these threads that have been in the “engine” and other discussions.You can download a video ( sorry for the quality ) at this link, this shows how perfectly the car drives ! http://www.exige-r.com/track/video/exige-r.wmv Thank you to all the people that written positive e Mails about the Quality that we have achieved and supported us… i will put more information about track tests and other news on my private web site www.exige-r.com Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions !RegardsFabian

Hi Fabian,I�m just thrilled for you and congradulate you on what I know was a very difficult birth. Being one of a very few who were able to see the car being developed by visiting Komo-Tec both on my own and with you and having talked to you about the various problems concerning locating parts etc. (Something always seemed to be missing )it gives me great pleasure to have been out with you in the car before the Birmingham Motor Show a couple of times and this afternoon again (Yes thats my black Exige).I am therefore one of the few people and almost certainly the only Brit who could dare to make an educated assesment of the car. I too resisted the temptation of going into battle with “Know it all�s” who slag off everything but don�t put their money where their balls are.Gentlemen, I can confirm that the car is not only up and running but is in fine shape.There are now three major rebuilds on the Exige front and I think we should be less critical of any of the three concerned who have the nerve to risk a step like this with no known conclusion at the outset.Fabian & gentlemen, WELL DONE !!![This message has been edited by junglejim (edited 09 February 2003).]

Hi Fabian and Komo-Tec. Well done!!! You did a good job and it seems to be successfull.Hope you enjoy it.

Fabian,Any chance you could get the car to EVO mag to assess? It’d be great to hear their opinion.Cheers, Ian [image]http://www.exiges.com/ubb/NonCGI/images/icons/smile.gif[/image]

Hi Ian,yes it will be shown there in the near future…RegardsFabian

Cool, looks smart, look forward to the reviewsDJ

Thanks for the “MR. USA” comment Fabian - lumping us all together. Egregiously insulting. And 100% of support a war in Iraq too.Car looks great, however.

Hi Beto…sorry for that … but the comments of a few here where not nice in the past! Just wanted to get things sorted! Hopefully i�ll see you in Germany if the track day will take place at the N�rburgring/Nordschleife 01-02.03!!!RegardsFabian

Hey Fabian,This looks like it’s getting personal, so just for the record: i have made ZERO comments about the quality of your conversion and i wouldn’t do so until i have eyed your conversion in person. But I am more than happy to comment on your and Komo-Tec’s business ethics. As far as i’m concerned you played a dirty game and lied to both me and Joe about your intentions. Both me and “Mr. USA” have always replied to your enquiries in good faith. Behaviour like yours will certainly not help support the credibility and reputation of Komo-Tec’s work and you only have yourself to blame for this.Hope to meet you on a track someday. PJ