Exige-R for sale

Hi !

i am selling my Exige-R - Exige with 245 HP Honda Engine. The car has all the best parts and options you can have for an exige. All informtaion about the car you can find at
www.exige-r.com. Questions: Send me a mail to. [email protected]


I presume that the first cut of the sales proceeds will going to the Edwards Boyz?

Would you be prepared to sell the diffuser seperately?

Apparently, though I find this very hard to believe, diffusers are free, if you live in Germany…

All part of new EC Directive on Exige Tariff laws - you send the diffuser, they fit it for free saving you the cost of fitting which will then be deducted from the diffuser purchase price.

Cheeky given it gets a mention on the website!

hi Fabian,
why r u selling the exige?


Now I’m quite a passive person but if Simon S got banned for speaking his mind ?? David ??

It may be different in Germany but it is usually customary in the UK to actually pay for parts that you order.
So how about paying for the diffuser that you have, before you sell it!
It seams ammasing that someone like yourself who is into computers and using the internet has not been able to reply to the countless number of e-mails that we have sent to you regarding this matter.
We are not a large business who can afford to just give them away. We are Exige owners who make the diffusers specially for fellow Exige owners. And yours was even more special because it was a longer diffuser than the usual one that we have made. It required more material to make and we shipped it to you in a wooden box. All of these things cost money, and so far you still haven’t payed for them.

Your most urgent attention for this matter is now required.

Martin & Steve Edwards.