Exige owners club ?

It seems that owners clubs get insurance discounts… talking to Esteem/AON just now it seems they would be happy to consider The Exige Owners Club as a valid body to offer discount too.

Anyone interested ?

Yep, would be… But already get some insurance discounts from SELOC…

…And maybe others get some from other clubs and what not…

But saying that if a policy for Exiges could be organised with some trackdays thrown in then that’d be much much better!!!

For sure, there are other clubs (SELOC, Lotus Life) and if you guys are happy to use those that’s cool.

Just gauging interest !

I’d be interested, but Tesco seem to be the only company to give me a half decent quote. Everyone one else just laughs and tells me im lucky to get insurance.

I’d be interested too, especially if Esteem say it’s back as a saving. Last year they said it didn’t matter any more.


big discounts on trackdays would be great perhaps a buy two get third free

agree, somehing to offer cheap cover for track-days would be great

Not so bothered about insurance although inclusive track insurance is always welcome, but I would love to sort out a cheap deal on 48’s, they are bloody dear and wear out at a frightening rate.

Excellent idea - I would be interested.

Count me in - especially for any tyre deals.

Count me in!

Have you done any Exige only track days?


Definitely…if there are discounts to be had…048’s
Gather Toyo 888 will soon be available in our sizes.
Meanwhile try South West Lotus 01566 784152 they had the best prices yesterday…being delivered Today…B good Service too.