exige or elise s2 160?

hi all, after spending months deciding which car to get next i decided on the exige, so went to b+c and looked at a great looking black one, spoke to the guy there and he also showed me the elise s2 with the b+c 160 upgrade, again looked great in red with black alloys sports exhaust etc, he wants around 28k for it it has done 900 miles but is a demo car. my question is it it worth 28k where i can get an exige for around 25k and will there be a lot of difference in performance between the 160 and the exige? i would be using it everday and only as a road car, but i dont mind not having creature comforts many thanks for your replies

Exige should hold its price better as they have already been hit by residuals. Try looking at private or from other Lotus dealers. There are a few around below that price - 25K is higher (then again, it is B&C and you pay for it.

Kieron,Before I bought the Exige, I tried an S1, S1 160, S2, S2 160 and settled for the Exige.Apart from the shape, which I love, you have the extra power, but most importantly, it’s how sorted it felt while driving.So, the Exige’s suspension and dynamics are way better than an S1 or S2. The only other Lotus that has as good dynamic behaviour is the S1 or S2 sports 190, which has basically the same suspension as the Exige.Being the 160 more expenive also, it’s a no brainer for me.About the confort, I am 6’3" and find it very confortable. The only thing is that on long trip I wear earplugs, apart from that, the seats (normal leather ones) are the best I’ve ever tried (and I have a back problem)Cheers,Uldis

For the track Exige - definately!For the road, well, if you don’t think much of the Exige looks (which is unlikely if you like cars!) and want an open roof, I’d probably go S2 160. But you’d be missing a treat.Ian [image]http://www.exiges.com/ubb/NonCGI/images/icons/smile.gif[/image]

I have both and Exige 190 and Elise S2 111s 160, totally different cars - for fun - Exige, for more useability and comfort - Elise.