exige or a s2 elise - please advise me!


i’m a lotus new boy! i’m buying one but need some advice as i’ve got a decision to make. i’m looking to buy an s2 elise or a 2000 exige. i’ve got about �20k tops and want some advice on if i can trust an exige as an everyday car…i need to use it as my transport not as a pure fun thing…also what sort of annual expenxe can i expect to maintain a 2000 car (i can’t afford anything newer). also is there a sensible ok/not ok limit on mileage and tracking? what’s the advice…s2 elise or 2000 exige


Hi, best to drop a post on www.seloc.org as quite a few Elise + Exige owners on there.

Subject has been covered a few times on this BBS … just do a search … try THIS ONE
for starters …


i guess coming round here to ask this … then you are going to get some loaded answers…

if you really really have petrol in your veins then the exige will rock your boat and keep you smiling every single day… go drive one… you’ll see

IMHO if you’re using it everday, go for an Elise S2 135R, good compromise between fun and praticality! and �20k will get you a good car.

are you still looking to buy, where r u from, im in essex

he he

like mine!

It’s going for �20k