Exige MOT is up

Exige 190 MOT

Ok, 3 years is up - MOT required.

I own 190 BPH, no CAT Exige.

Any recommendations as to where I can get the Exige tested for MOT. My delima is that motor runs rich (it needs to, as per the 190bph spec.), but it may fail the MOT because of this.

Do I need to install a CAT, just to get it through the test, then remove it afterwards?

Advice or help would be appreciated


Do I need to install a CAT, just to get it through the test, then remove it afterwards?

Yep, sorry.


Where are you? - That would help us recommend…

Pesky, I was affraid you would say yes But then if that is the case, then fair enough. Is it difficult to install and remove the CAT ?

Hi Mike, I am in the South-East, 20-25 miles outside London.

Installing the CAT is not difficult, nor a lengthy job…

You can easily do it yourself, or of course pay someone !!

The biggest problem is that the sections of exhaust the the CAT fits between come with studs rather than bolts, so you need to be able to prise the sections apart by about 2 cms to get the thing in and out, and this may mean slackening off other bolts on adjacent sections as well…

I recommend replacing the studs with decent bolts, cos from then on it is easy to just slide the cat or replacement pipe in and out without messing with other sections at all…

Hope this does more to help than confuse !!

Do you intend to put it through yourself, or via a dealer?

You may get some symathetic dealer/MOT arrangement that ‘understand’ what what everyone does anyway…fit for/remove after the test

All VERY unofficial of course


If you get stuck give me a shout, you could use my CAT and local MOT man who has done my Exige.

I’ll even help you change it as I have the ramps, tools and experience of doing serveral times now!



PS: I’m nr Slough if that helps

Good to hear from you Damian and that you still have Exige.