Exige Mk 1 - Rear Motorsport engine Cover ?

Where do you buy these From ?

It’s raining up here in the north today (Isn’t it always ) and with my 48’s on i don’t fancy a play in the torrential rain so i thought i would work on the car hench the questions for info on parts purchases !!!

Think Maddog sells them PM him.

got mine off maddog, 1ts class piece of kit.

I think yours was a kit from Geary at Eliseparts

Yeh, I thought so but I couldn’t find any on his website !!

I’m not sure if he carries them, might be special order. Give Geary a call


Curious, what happened to yours?

Nothing !! Mine is safe and sound, I was just after another to adapt slightly in a different way bit too much RED going on at the rear of the car and i just wanted to recapture that classic MK1 Exige Racer look whilst re defining the lines at the rear 3/4 of the car. i will post my results if it works and play dumb and never mention it again if it doesn’t !!

Believe me, don�t go anywhere else, but MADDOG
I am talking from personal experience�

Thanks Guys
Pegbox you have PM

Thanx !!!

Look forward to seeing what you have in mind

Hi I have a motorsport MK1 engine cover for sale.07708592030

How much do you want for it and is it painted ?

Can you send me a pm please.