Exige Magnex Exhaust

One of my good mates is the development engineer for Magnex, they need to loan an Exige for an afternoon to take some measurements!They are based in north Derbys (Chesterfield - Alfreton Area) and need a car for an afternoon, in return a cheap performance exhaust!anyone interested?why cant I use mine? sold it two weeks ago!call me on 07973 675755 if interested.regardsDave

Now if they were giving you the first exhaust off their production line - then you’d get some takers! (Except those who already have sports exhausts)Just a thought - one good turn deserves another.Phil GT

You can already get cheap factory approved Janspeed Silencers for � 277.00 with A LIFETIME WARRANTY from companies such as Race-speed.com, ptp-ltd.co.uk etc.Regards Tomo